Nobody’s Perfect… A Roc Royal Short Story

Nobody’s perfect

Nobody’s perfect

But you’re perfect for me…


So since this is a short story, I have to do a little background information on each of the characters and fill in a few blanks.

Roc: At 19 years old, he’s been through a lot. In high school he got mixed up with the wrong crowd and got into some bad things. Things like smoking mary jane. Soon his smoking escalated to dealing, and dealing got him tied up with the law. When he met Sierra however, he put all those things aside and got himself together long enough to see that there were better things in life, things like love.

Sierra: This 19 year old sophomore in college thought she had everything. Top ten percent of her class and on the dean’s list, she was definitely on her way to having everything. But she was missing one thing, love. When she met Roc, everything changed. She put her heart and soul into a guy that most girls wouldn’t have even given the time of day. To her it was worth it though. What her and Roc had was that unconditional love that doesn’t come around often.

The two lovers may have been able to keep love alive through Roc’s run in with the law, but will they be able to survive through Sierra’s judgmental parents?


I had been dating this girl named Sierra for a minute. She was perfect. She was smart, patient, understanding, and not to mention gorgeous. She was also a little bit on the goofy side, but it was okay with me cause her unconditional love for me made up for all of that. (And it did kinda help that her body was bangin!) She was there for me through all of my thuggin and dealing. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be going through it. But being with her made me wanna change and be a better man for her. I was her Rocky and she was my Si-Si. Nobody could ever change that. I was on my to her dorm room when she called.

            *On the phone*

            Me: Hello?

            Sierra: Hey baby. Can you do me a favor?

            Me: Wassup?

            Sierra: Can you bring me a mango smoothie from the smoothie cart before you come upstairs?

            Me: What makes you think I’m even on campus? 

            Sierra: The fact that you love me and can’t resist me.

Of course she was right, but wasn’t about to tell her that.

            Me: Nahh, I think imma just chill at the crib today.

I could practically hear her putting through the phone.

            Me: Aight baby I got you. I’ll see you in a few minutes.

            Sierra: Oh yay! Okay, I’ll talk to later then. Bye baby I love you!

She hung up the phone and I went walking around campus looking for the smoothie cart.


Sierra POV

I had just finished my term paper when someone knocked on the door. I knew it was Roc so I yelled for him to come in.

            “You know you really shouldn’t leave the door open like that. Anybody could just walk in.” Roc said handing me my smoothie.

            “Yeah but no one would ever mess with Roc’s girl. That’d just be stupid.” I said, putting my smoothie on the table. I reached for his face and he leaned in and I placed my lips crashed against his. He licked my bottom lip but I refused to allow him entrance. I knew where this was going so I pulled away and put my laptop on the table. I got out of the chair I was sitting on and motioned for him to sit down so I could sit on his lap. He wrapped him arms around my waist and put his head on my chest. “Baby, I wanna ask you something.” I said.

            “Sure, what’s up?” he said, lifting his head to look up at me.

            “Well, we’ve been together for a while now, and I think it’s time that-”

            “You’re not breaking up with me are you?” he asked.

            “No fool! I just want you to meet my parents.” I said. Why was this boy always jumping to the wrong conclusions?

            “Hmm… I guess I could fit that into my schedule. When do I gotta meet ‘em?”

            “How about tonight?”

            “Tonight! On second thought baby I got sh.t to do. Can I take a rain check?”

            “Now you know I’m not about to fall for that. Ten seconds ago you were trying to get some, and that would have taken all night. But now I want you to meet my parents, two of the most important people in my life, and you wanna f.cking trip?” I said, getting angry.

            “Aight, I’ll go Just don’t be mad at me I hate that.” He said, tightening his grip around my waist. When I looked into his eyes, his pleading eyes, I couldn’t help but forgive him.

            “Fine, just don’t try and pull no sh.t like that on me again. You know better than that.” I said, getting off of his lap and walking towards my room.

            “Aye, where you going?” he asked, watching my butt as I walked away.

            “To take a shower.” I answered as I turned around to face him.

            “Can I join you?” he asked, biting his lip.

            “Not this time babe. I told my mom we’d be over at the house at seven.” He looked at this watch.

            “It’s only ten past six.” He said. “We got time.” I walked back over to him and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

            “Not now.” I said, walking away and into my room. He looked disappointed when I left so I poked my head back out the door. “Maybe later.” I said as I winked at him. His face instantly lit up. Horny a.s boy. Smh.


I was nervous as h.ll driving to Sierra’s parent’s house. This was the first time I’d done something like this with a girl. All of my past relationships had been hit it and quit its. Sierra was the only girl I had cared enough about to stick around. I had to wait a whole year before I finally got in her pants, but it was cool cause it was more to her than just her body. All these questions kept running through my head. What are her parents like? Do they know about my past? “What are they gonna think of me?

            “Turn right here babe.” Sierra said lightly. How could she be some calm while I was freaking the out!? I turned the corner and say a nice simple blue house. I pulled up into the driveway and turned the car off. I walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for her. (What? Just cause I’m a thug, doesn’t mean I can’t be a gentleman.) She took the keys out of her purse and opened the front door. “Ma! I’m home.” She said as she walked in the door, me following behind her.

            “Hey Sierra. Looking nasty as usual.” Her 14 year old brother Jameson said as he came running down the stairs. I had met him one day last year. She had to watch him while her parents went on vacation in Puerto Rico. Sierra made a face at him.

            “Where’s Ma?” she asked him.

            “In the kitchen.” He said.

            “Hey knucklehead.” I said as Sierra walked away to get her mom.

            “My n.gga Roc! Wassup man?” he said.

            “Nothing man, just chillin’. But you might wanna watch ya mouth before ya moms hear you.”

            “She’ll be aight.” Was his response.

            “Roc!” Sierra called for me.

            “Later man.” I said, giving Jameson a bro hug.

            “Roc? What the h.ll kinda name is that?” I heard a woman’s voice ask. That must have been her mom.

            “That’s his nickname Ma, chill.” Sierra said. Oh sh.t, hear we go. I walked into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around Sierra’s waist. She looked up at me and lifted her palm to my face.

            “Mom this is Roc, Roc this is my mom.” Sierra introduced us.

            “Nice to meet you Mrs. Davis.” I said with a smile, extending my hand.

            “Mhm.” Was all she said, as she turned back around to face the stove. Sierra gave me an apologetic look and led me to the living room.

Later That Night…

Sierra was sitting on the couch while Me and Jamie were playing a video game. Her father walked in looking tired as h.ll. Guess he’d been working all day.

            “Jamie I thought I told you no friends over after eight?” he said.

            “Actually Dad, this is Sierra’s friend.”

            “Oh really?” he said, cutting his eyes at me, then Sierra.

            “Yes daddy, this is my boyfriend Roc. You know, the one that helped me babysit Jamie last year?”

            “Oh, so he IS still around huh. Jamie go ask your momma if dinner is ready. ” He said. I put the game controller down and walked over to him.

            “Nice to meet you Mr. Davis.” I said, extending my hand. This time I didn’t get rejected.

            “How are you son? Treating my daughter right?” he asked.

            “Daddy, be nice.” Sierra pleaded.

            “What? There’s nothing wrong with a man looking out for his daughter.”

            “It’s cool Sierra. And yes sir, your daughter is my world.”

            “Uh huh.” He said. Jamie walked back in the room.

            “She said come eat.” Jamie said. We all walked into the dining room and sat at the table.

At the Table….

            “So, what are those grades looking like Roc?” her dad asked.

            “Dad!” Sierra cut in.

            “What? There’s nothing wrong with me asking questions.”

            “Um, actually Sir I’m not in school.”

            “Oh so you already graduated?” her mom asked.

            “Uh, no. I was never in school.”

            “So what have you been doing for the past year?” her mom continued.

            “Nothing really, just working.” I said.

            “Well where do you work?” her dad asked.

            “Tony’s Auto shop.” I answered.

            “On the east side?” her mom asked.

            “Yes ma’am.”

            “Only thugs and hoodlums come from that side of town.” Her dad said, reentering the conversation. I started to get uneasy. “So tell me, are you a hoodlum?”

            “Nahh, not anymore. I used to be, but your daughter here showed me it was greater things in life.”

            “Once a hoodlum, always a hoodlum. That’s what I taught Sierra, though apparently it didn’t get through her thick skull.” Mrs. Davis said.

            “Ma!” Sierra pleaded.

            “What? I knew as soon as he walked in the ho9use with all them tattoos and baggy clothes the type of person he was! And he certainly isn’t good enough for my daughter!” Mrs. Davis said.

 I loved Sierra, but I wasn’t about to sit there and listen to them just dog me out like that.

            “Thank you for dinner Mr. and Mrs. Davis but I think I’d better go. Nice seeing you Jamie, and Sierra I’ll call you later.” I said. I picked up my keys from the coffee table and stormed out of the house in the rain to my car.

Sierra POV

            “Mom! What you just did was completely unnecessary and not to mention rude!” I yelled.

            “Hey now, don’t be talking to your mother like that!” My dad said.

            “And dad, you’re no better, sitting here interrogating him when he’s done nothing wrong!”

            “We just want what’s best for you.” My mom cut in.

            “Whether you believe it or not, Roc is what’s best for me! He’s my boyfriend, and I love him. And he’s not going anywhere so if you don’t like him that’s too bad!” I said storming out of the kitchen, grabbing my purse, and chasing after Roc. It was raining outside, but I didn’t care. I found Roc in his car, about to pull off. He saw me, but he didn’t stop. I ran in front of his car so he couldn’t go anywhere.

            “Move outta the way Sierra.” He said, yelling out the window.

            “No, not until you talk to me.”

            “There’s nothing to talk about! Just move.” He said, but I wouldn’t budge. He turned off his car and stepped out, walking over to me. “Look Sierra, I’m no good for you. Maybe it’s best we part ways before this goes any further.”

            “No, listen. I don’t care. I don’t care what my mom says, what my dad says, what Jamie says, or anybody says. I don’t care! You’re my boyfriend, and I love you. Please don’t throw away what we have just because of my parent’s ignorance.” I said, pleading with my eyes. He looked at me as a smile slowly appeared on his face.

            “You know it’s impossible to say no to you right?” he said.

            “Just shut up and kiss me.” I said. He slowly but surely put his lips against mine and we took off from there. I licked his lip and he opened his mouth. Our tongues wrestled as the passion grew into the kiss. I soft moan escaped from my mouth and he kissed me harder before he pulled away/

            “What do you say we continue this conversation at my place?” he asked, licking his lips.

            “I like the sound of that.” We both got into his car and he drove off into the rainbow as the rain let up, and the sun peeked out from the shadows.



The song I used as inspiration was Nobody’s Perfect by J. Cole featuring Missy Elliot. The character Sierra was inspired by me and based off of my personality. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Request your own story in my inbox [Tumblr] or in chapter one of mindless behavior short stories [Miss Literati]. Thanks for reading! Comment, Rate, Subscribe. [Miss Lit] Follow & Like. [Tumblr] Much love- Raven

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